MOT celebrated International Museum Day with Yuva Tourism Club members

MOT celebrated International Museum Day with Yuva Tourism Club members

The Regional Office (West & Central) of the Ministry of Tourism celebrated International Museum Day with Yuva Tourism Club members from Mumbai. Eighty students from H.R. College and Garware College of Career Education and Development visited the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (CSMVS). The visit aimed to show the importance of museums in learning about tourism and to help students appreciate cultural heritage more.

Manjusha Sunil, a coordinator at Garware College, said the students were very enthusiastic during the museum visit and learned a lot about our cultural heritage, which helped them appreciate history and tourism more. Faiaz Patel, a coordinator at H.R. College, mentioned their long partnership with Indiatourism Mumbai, which has given students valuable experiences to understand and appreciate India's heritage.

The visit included guided tours, interactive sessions, and talks with museum curators. There was also a special exhibition on Indian Textiles that provided more insights into India's culture.


In Raipur, the Ministry of Tourism's local office, along with Heritagevala, organized a visit to the Mahant Ghasidas Memorial Museum and a webinar for International Museum Day. Shivam Trivedi, founder of Heritagevala, praised these efforts for enhancing students' understanding and appreciation of our rich cultural heritage.

Dr. Sagnik Chowdhury, Regional Director (West & Central), highlighted that the enthusiastic participation of Yuva Tourism Club students shows their growing interest in cultural heritage. He emphasized the importance of hands-on learning in helping students appreciate history and heritage more deeply.

The Yuva Tourism Club, started by the Ministry of Tourism across India, encourages students to be interested in tourism, helping them understand the industry better and appreciate cultural heritage.