Jharkhand Unveils Ambitious Tourism Plans to Woo Private Investors

Jharkhand Unveils Ambitious Tourism Plans to Woo Private Investors

In a bold move to elevate its status on the tourism map, Jharkhand is taking significant strides to attract private investment and showcase its hidden gems. The state has enlisted the services of a transaction advisor for three prime properties in Netrahat, Patratu, and Deoghar. Following this, an invitation has been extended to private hotel chains to become partners with CH Tourism, marking a pivotal step in the state's tourism expansion.

Safari Plus INTALK with Ms. Anjali Yadav (IAS), Director Tourism, Department of Tourism, Art Culture, Sports & Youth Affairs, Govt. of Jharkhand, said, "The picturesque Patratu Valley has been transformed into a sought-after destination for weddings and MICE tourism, boasting new infrastructures, including restaurants, camping sites, and tourist information centers. NRAD, a new station in Jharkhand, has been adorned with oil viewpoints and restaurants, creating an enticing atmosphere for visitors."

Religious and cultural landmarks add to the state's allure, with the presence of the Jyotirling in Deoghar and Baba Baidnath Dham, drawing crowds, especially during the sacred season of savan. Paras, a significant Jain pilgrimage site, further diversifies the tourism offerings, ensuring a rich and immersive experience for visitors.

Connectivity is prioritized with two major airports—Ranchi and the recently inaugurated RE airport—ensuring easy access. Jharkhand's proximity to West Bengal has also sparked interest among Bali tourists, with convenient road travel options.

She added, "The state has successfully hosted G20, marking a turning point in its infrastructure development. Looking ahead, Jharkhand plans an array of festivals, including the Kite Festival, New Year festivities in Patu, Adventure Trail Festival, and the Hot Bon Festival, signaling a vibrant calendar for the upcoming year."

To streamline and incentivize private investments, Jharkhand has introduced new registration rules, a forthcoming online portal, and policies such as rural estate, wayside immunity, and PTP policies. Capital subsidies and interest incentives are offered through a single window, ensuring a conducive environment for investors.

As the state opens its doors to collaboration, adventure, and cultural exploration, Jharkhand emerges as a promising destination with a blend of natural beauty, rich heritage, and strategic planning to make it an ideal investment choice for private players in the tourism sector.