Banyan Group's Evolution

30 Years of Excellence & Sustainable Future

Banyan Group's Evolution

In a captivating interview with Safari Plus, Ms. Benjawan Meksakul, the Regional Director of Sales & Marketing for Banyan Group in Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, and the Maldives, shares insights into the group's transformative journey as it celebrates its remarkable 30th anniversary. The group's extraordinary three decades of crafting exceptional experiences across hotels, spas, residences, food, and retail. Notably, Banyan Tree Group has embarked on a significant transformation, transitioning its corporate umbrella brand from "Banyan Tree Group" to the streamlined "Banyan Group." This strategic rebranding echoes the group's evolution into a dynamic, multi-brand hospitality powerhouse, setting the stage for a new era of innovation and growth.

The group currently oversees an impressive portfolio, including 12 international brands, 75 hotels and resorts, 60 spas and galleries, and 14 branded residences across 22 countries. As Banyan Group stands at the cusp of its 30th anniversary, Ms. Meksakul reveals the exciting plans for 2024, with intentions to add 19 new properties and residences in key locations such as Cambodia, China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and Mexico.

With sustainability at its core, Banyan Group is set to launch a 2030 Sustainability Roadmap, addressing ecological and human capital development. This commitment aligns seamlessly with the group's foundational values of Embracing the Environment and Empowering People. Furthermore, a circularity guide project is on the horizon, solidifying Banyan Group's dedication to fostering regenerative practices within the hospitality industry.

She added, "We just concluded a successful road show in India, covering Delhi, Bengaluru, and Mumbai. It was a fantastic opportunity to connect with our Indian trade partners and showcase the exciting developments and offerings from Banyan Group. The properties for the roadshow were Banyan Tree Bangkok, Banyan Tree Phuket, Banyan Tree Koh Samui, Banyan Tree Krabi, Banyan Tree Bintan, Cassia Bintan, Angsana Bintan, Angsana Laguna Phuket.  Banyan Group's expansion plans and commitment to sustainability are making waves on a global scale. As the brand evolves, it continues to redefine luxury and set new standards for responsible and immersive hospitality experiences.”

Ms. Tekla Maira and her team oversee the Banyan Group's office sales in India.  This partnership helps maintain strong connections with the travel trade, ensuring an ongoing dialogue and sharing the narrative of luxury hospitality in the Indian market.