ADTOI launched its Uttarakhand State Chapter

ADTOI launched its Uttarakhand State Chapter

On April 22nd, 2024, the Association of Domestic Tour Operators of India (ADTOI) marked a significant milestone with the inauguration of its 13th Chapter in Uttarakhand. The event, held at Hotel Moniack Garden in Dehradun, was graced by esteemed delegates and senior officials from both the tourism industry and the state government.

Led by Mr. PP Khanna, President of ADTOI, the delegation included eminent figures such as Mr. Rajat Sawhney, Senior Vice President; Mr. Ashish Sehgal, Vice President; Mr. Ved Khanna, Treasurer; and Mr. Manoj Varshney, Joint Secretary. Their presence underscored the commitment of ADTOI to fostering growth and collaboration within the tourism sector.

Among the distinguished guests were senior state tourism officials including Ms. Poonam Chand, Additional Director of Tourism; Mr. Yogendera Kumar Gangwar, Joint Director of Tourism; and Mr. Sandeep Sahni, President of the Hotel Association of Uttarakhand. Also in attendance was Mr. Bhaskar Dimri, a notable member of the Badri & Kedarnath Nath Temples Committee. Their support and participation reflected the shared vision of promoting Uttarakhand as a premier tourist destination.

The leadership of the newly established Uttarakhand Chapter was entrusted to Mr. Mahender Ghildiyal of Mahendra Destinations Pvt. Ltd, serving as Chapter Chairman; Mr. Mohit Gupta of Alpine Adventure, as Chapter Secretary; and Mr. Sunil Kumar Saini of India Easy Trip Pvt. Ltd, as Treasurer. Mr. Praveen Sharma of Chevron Hotels & Resorts Pvt. Ltd was appointed as the Advisor, bringing invaluable expertise to the chapter's endeavors.

During the inauguration, Mr. Khanna emphasized Uttarakhand's significance as a hub for pilgrimage and spiritual tourism, particularly citing the allure of the state's four sacred Dhams. He also highlighted the abundant wildlife and pristine hill stations that make Uttarakhand a treasure trove for nature enthusiasts. Mr. Khanna expressed confidence that the establishment of the ADTOI Chapter would catalyze tourism growth in the state and facilitate seamless networking among ADTOI members nationwide to promote Uttarakhand's diverse offerings.

Ms. Poonam Chand, Additional Director of Tourism, echoed Mr. Khanna's sentiments, affirming that the launch of the ADTOI Chapter in Uttarakhand marks a pivotal moment for the state's tourism industry. She underscored the potential for enhanced domestic tourism, emphasizing the collaborative efforts between ADTOI and the state government to showcase Uttarakhand's unparalleled beauty and cultural heritage to travelers across the country.

With the inauguration of its 13th Chapter in Uttarakhand, ADTOI embarks on a new journey of partnership and progress, poised to elevate the state's tourism landscape to greater heights.