Best luxury hotels to enjoy the MONSOON

Best luxury hotels to enjoy the MONSOON

As the relentless heat of the summer continues, people eagerly await the arrival of rain clouds and the start of the monsoon season. And what better place to cool off and fulfil your rain dance fantasies than at one of India’s luxury resorts? 

Whether you’re a solo traveller looking for some rainy downtime or a family seeking a fun experience with the little ones, staying at a resort offers you an all-in-one experience where you can relax and enjoy the rain. Now is the perfect time for you to book the perfect monsoon getaway at one of these luxury properties. 

Evolve Back, Coorg

Imagine waking up every morning to the delicious aromas of coffee and the cool, crisp mountain air. That is what you get when you book a monsoon vacation at the 300-acre Evolve Back resort in Coorg. The private pool villas are furnished in an old-world plantation style, creating the ideal atmosphere for enjoying the outdoors, whether travelling alone or with loved ones. Treat yourself to gourmet meals at the on-site restaurants, or plan an intimate dining experience with a view for your romantic partner and yourself. Want some quiet downtime? Curl up with coffee in the Reading Lounge while watching the rain fall on the lush paddy fields.  

Hilton Goa 

Located in the Saipem Hills, this all-time luxury favourite is sure to delight you with its stunning views. Sip your morning coffee and watch the raindrops fall on the lush greenery outside as the clouds wash away the heat of the summer. Take a dip in one of the four outdoor pools, hit the gym at the fitness centre, or simply walk about outside and enjoy the pitter-patter of the raindrops. 

The Machan — A Treehouse Resort, Lonavala

This eco-resort near Mumbai offers luxuriously furnished cabins and machans for a unique stay. Those unafraid of heights will especially love waking up in their very own nook among the trees, 30 to 45 feet above the Jambulne forest floor. A stay at the Machan during the monsoon season rewards you with abundant waterfalls, cool breezes and lush greenery for a truly ethereal experience as you enjoy your hot drinks and comforting snacks. Plus, the resort recycles 80% of its grey water and is almost entirely powered by renewable solar and wind energy. So when you book your monsoon getaway here, you aren’t just rewarding your soul — you’re doing your bit for sustainability. 

Radisson Blu Resort and Spa, Alibaug

One of the best-known luxury properties in Alibaug, a stay at the 5-star Radisson resort is the perfect choice for a romantic monsoon getaway. The contemporary suites and fine dining restaurants are ideal to pamper yourself with, while the full-service spa and well-stocked library are perfect for catching up on some well-deserved rest as the rain falls outside. Feeling energetic? Show off your best rain dance moves at the on-site discotheque.

After braving a hot summer, you deserve to cool off and enjoy the rainy season, and a luxury resort lets you do that while providing every comfort your heart could desire. Skip the standard hotels and book a stay at one of these unique properties for a lavish experience you’ll remember for a long time.