EsselWorld Bird Park’s Celebirdy LIVE is back with season 2!

EsselWorld Bird Park’s Celebirdy LIVE is back with season 2!

Mumbai, 15th September 2020

After hosting the first season of Celebirdy LIVE by India’s first interactive bird park successfully, EsselWorld Bird Park will now be hosting the second season of the live streaming sessions! Tune into the instagram page @esselworldbirdpark on 30th September 2020, 4 pm onwards to virtually witness ‘Dudu’ and other Cockatoos species on Celebirdy LIVE!

 While pigeons are the most common birds that you spot in the cityscapes of India, Cockatoos are spotted in large numbers in Australia in a similar way! Isn’t that fascinating! Meet Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, ‘Dudu’ who loves mimicking the sounds of other birds and loves to throw tantrums in his own celeb style! On the other hand you will also be able to rendezvous virtually with our other Cockatoo Celebirdies- ‘Flash’, the Galah Cockatoo, the smallest bird of this species who happens to fly off in a flash; ‘Drukee’, the Ducorp Cockatoo who is the most nosiest, funniest and destructive of all!

 “This season we want to focus on Cockatoos. They are an interesting species of birds that are intelligent, emotional, attention seekers and are capable of showing temper tantrums as well as complete silliness. It will be a pleasure to witness these exotic beautiful birds as well as know some interesting facts about them. We have successfully hosted season 1 of Celebirdy LIVE and are now all set to host season 2 which we hope shall also do well”, said Mr. Paresh Mishra, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, EsselWorld Leisure Pvt. Ltd.

 Continuing from season 1, the live streaming shall happen at the Rock Deck area of the Park in season 2 where you would virtually meet other feathered celebs of the Park who frequently visit here other than the Cockatoo family!

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