Explore the unparalleled ocean in a beach resort town of Hua Hin

Explore the unparalleled ocean in a beach resort town of Hua Hin

When one thinks of Thailand, the most apparent choices for tourists would include Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Ko Samui. Having visited these places, I was curious to learn about the destination on hearing its name on the first go. This familiarization happened when a friend kept raving about the place she had visited multiple times. What caught my attention was its unusual name Hua Hin. I was excited to be acquainted with the tranquil, attractive destination which also happens to be the summertime retreat of its royal family.

Located just 186 km from Bangkok, the destination encompassing the orchards, network of canals, greenery, forests, sea, makes it a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the usual city life. Hua Hin is blessed with beautiful beaches, making it a popular destination for travellers within the country and foreigners. 

We had booked our stay at the Anantara Beach Resort, the resort was chic, the well-manicured gardens and coconut trees added to the charm of this lotus covered lagoon, the rooms were generous in size, and the buffet spread with tantalizing aromatic dishes offered varied options of delicacies, leaving the taste buds asking for more. As we enjoyed the pool and the pizzas, we were also keen to explore the destination which was our home for the long weekend.


We started our journey by visiting the iconic station of Hua Hin, which boasts of Victorian design architecture, and not to miss the light post which carried the mythological birds. This being a historic landmark, the railway station sees tourists explore its vibrant structure and brightly painted buildings and trains. As the sunset and the night fell, we headed towards the weekend market, called the Cicada Market. This market deserves a special place, the ambience is friendly, lively, and the stalls offer local delicacies, desserts, delicious homemade cakes, and ice creams, among others. 

While visiting the Chat Chai market we came across many foot massage shops, lined at the night market street. The market boasted endless options in fresh seafood meals.  One can experience much of Thailand’s culture by walking through the streets and by-lanes of Hua Hin. The destination offers a variety of activities and attractions for all age groups.

The beautiful architecture of Maruekhathaiyawan Palace draws many visitors each year. The royal palace made using golden teakwood is located between the beautiful beaches of Hua Hin and Cha-am. The esthetically crafted palace adorns Thai and European styles. The interconnected corridors help visitors walk through the palace easily. 

When visiting Hua Hin with children, one must make it a point to visit the Black Mountain Water Park. The wave pools, lazy river, fun, and exciting water slides, make it a perfect destination for the family to enjoy and unwind. A little village by the name of Khao Takiab or Chopstick Hill in Thai is lively and buzzing with tourists owing to the attractions it offers. Here tourists have a great time with water sports, beachside dining, and sun lounging, and adventure enthusiasts can enjoy its breath-taking panoramic view. 

Hua Hin also offers beautiful temples such as the Wat Huay Manglok. This temple has the largest and magnificent 11.5 meters statue of Buddhist Monk Luang Phor Thuad. The story goes, the holy monk is known for converting seawater to freshwater by foot.

What is a holiday without shopping? The night markets, Plearn Wan Shopping Village offers clothes, gift items, food to choose from. The market adorns antique furniture, colourful coffee houses, and ceramic workshops. For a combination of shopping and food, Plearn Wan is an absolute winner. Move from street shopping, the BluPort Mall offers an impressive modern outlook and architecture adorning known brands, restaurants, and local Thai products and artefacts. 

For anyone wanting a change from the urban life, food, seafood, and peace, Hua Hin is the place to visit. With beaches galore, there is never a dull moment in this seaside beauty.