GOA - A Beachy Affair

GOA - A Beachy Affair

GOA - A Beachy Affair

Goa has always been one of the best tourist destination in India. Known for its serene beaches and churches. One recalls Goa for relaxation, sunbath on beaches, water sport activities, alluring nightlife, casinos, carnivals, and the list goes on... But it is also a great repository of varied cultural adapted through Portuguese era to the date. Despite the multi-cultural influences on Goa, the state still boasts of a distinctive culture, which makes the destination an affable one.

The tiny state has 110 kms coastline and has more than 40 beaches. And when you think of Beach Holiday you think of white sand, palm tress, sunsets, hammock on the beach, seafood and drinks, parties, water sports, massage and yoga... Lets check out the beachy Goa -

North Goa

  1. Calangute Beach, one of the most popular and longest stretched beaches of Goa in Calangute. One can enjoy ample of sports activities & night life. You can also pamper yourself with the Ayurveda Massages and rejuvenate your soul at Yoga centers.
  2. Ashwem Beach is one of the secret beaches of Goa. The untouched beauty of the place makes it a perfect setting for a day out in the sun. This beach has excellent food and stay options. Though you have plenty of options for restaurants and resorts still the beach remains remarkably empty and undisturbed. Best place for swimming and sunbathing.
  3. Sinquerim Beach has some scenic views of the Aguada Fort. The clean stretch of golden sand and the open sea emphasize the charm of the place.
  4. Patnem Beach is the perfect beach for swimming. The relaxed beach shacks and the host of stalls on either side of the road by the beach, give you the right taste of holiday.
  5. Anjuna Beach dotted with palms tress and black rocks, was a well-known destination among hippies in the 1960s. Today it's known for its parties. One can enjoy flea market selling handicrafts, jewellery and food. North of the beach is St. Anthony’s Chapel, an old church with a whitewashed facade.
  6. Vagator Beach, the beach follows the rave culture with western backpackers all around. Clean and serene it is the beach filled with thrill, music, dance and lots of forgieners. Some of the most famous Open Air Clubs are located here.

South Goa

  1. Kakolem Beach is one of the most isolated and truly wild beaches in whole Goa. It is also called Tiger Beach. One of the spectacular features of this beach is a small spring that originates near the beach and flows humbly into the sea.
  2. Arossim, Cuelim and Cansaulim Beaches all three are difficult to distinguish as they are neighboring and belong to the territory of Cansaulim Village, located in Salcette Taluk (Salcette region). To the south from Arossim resort you can find two world famous beaches of Utorda and Majorda which are stretching alongside the sea coastline. The distance from Arossim Beach to Margao, the main city of the region is about 12 km.
  3. Consua Beach is south of Majorda beach a perfect hideaway for sunbathing and relaxing. This beach is mostly deserted helping the place preserve its natural beauty.
  4. Betul Beach is one of the most common places for fishing in Goa. A small lagoon and a simple rivulet that flows into the sea at this beach enhance the exquisiteness of the beach.
  5. Galjibang beach which is one of the cleanest beaches of Goa. Known for its turtle nesting programs. The impeccable view of the pine trees lining up the soft golden sand of the beach.

Not to be missed when in Goa is Goan cuisine specially seafood are the ultimate pleasure for foodies. The local drink Feni, a spirit produced in Goa. The two most popular types of feni are cashew feni and toddy palm feni. One can finally enjoy Goan nightlife, the bars and pubs shall enthrall you with the sound, music can excite your heart and soul.