Wildlife Tourism Conclave and Awards - Celebrating Innovation and Collaboration

Wildlife Tourism Conclave and Awards - Celebrating Innovation and  Collaboration

The inaugural Wildlife Tourism Conclave and Awards, held from March 1 to March 3, 2024, marked a significant milestone in wildlife tourism and conservation. Organized by Discover Wildlife Tourism World, DTORR, and Hello Experiences, and supported by Maharashtra Tourism, the event convened over 400 enthusiasts, professionals, and experts at the Amphitheatre, NIC, Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

Featuring keynote sessions, panel discussions, and case studies, the event provided valuable insights into the future of wildlife conservation and tourism in India. Renowned speakers like Mr. Sunil Limaye, Dr. Pravish Pandya, and Ms. Vidya Venkatesh contributed to a rich environment for learning and innovation.

Expert panels discussed the role of tourism in conservation and strategies for collaboration, showcasing diverse viewpoints from industry leaders. Sustainability was a central theme, with efforts to minimize waste, enhance energy efficiency, and reduce carbon footprints. The event's commitment to environmental stewardship was evident through initiatives like tree planting in the national park.

The concluding day featured educational activities and workshops to promote wildlife conservation awareness among families and children. Sponsors and partners, including Maharashtra Tourism and World Wildlife Day by the United Nations, presented their latest innovations, enriching the attendee experience.

Maharashtra Tourism highlighted the state's wildlife sanctuaries, inviting visitors to explore destinations like Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve and Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The state's eco-friendly initiatives promise an immersive and responsible encounter with nature.

For more information about the Wildlife Tourism Conclave and Awards and upcoming events, visit dwt.world/wtca2024. The organizers are gearing up for the next edition, focusing on new challenges and opportunities in the wildlife and tourism sectors.