Smaaashing Adult Entertainment, Smaaash 2.0 is here to Disrupt Adult Gaming and Entertainment

Smaaashing Adult Entertainment, Smaaash 2.0 is here to Disrupt Adult Gaming and Entertainment

SMAAASH 2.0, the premier lifestyle and entertainment powerhouse, is all set to arrive in a new and smashing avatar with the launch of its new center at Radisson Blu Dwarka, New Delhi, on 9th April 2022. With its unique and aspirational experiences, SMAAASH 2.0 offers a much-awaited dose of gaming and entertainment along with its alluring and luxurious ambiance. Set in the poshest location of the city, this contemporary entertainment hub is like a gateway to fun and good times.  Smaaash offers indulgence, treats your heart and soul with energy and enthusiasm and welcomes the sporting spirit. 

SMAAASH 2.0 offers a unique adrenaline rush with highly advanced Virtual Games, Flagship Games, Vending and Arcade Games, Redemption Games, and a multi-activity adventure tower within a hygienic environment. Come and step into this interactive and innovative gaming center that offers a treat of fun-filled adventure and complete entertainment to people of all ages. The destination has a lot to offer -friends and family get-togethers, corporate outings, social gatherings, milestone celebrations, lip-smacking food, a variety of games and a Zen ambience. To add up the list of x-factor SMAAASH has trendy music by the best DJs in the city, to give you a great escape from mundane life. 

A stay at the hotel can make you enjoy the never-seen gaming experience. The premium bowling alley offers a direct entry to those wanting to avoid the long queues at the alley. After a fun-filled day of entertainment, its pocket friendly C2H5OH  Bowling Sports bar restaurant invites you to relax while relishing a delectable and mouth-watering spread of scrumptious cuisine. 

Talking about the SMAAASH 2.0, Shirish Kotmire, CEO, SMAAASH Entertainment Pvt Ltd, says, A one-of-its kind gaming and entertainment zone with unmatched ambience, our Dwarka Smaaash center goes along SMAAASH’s concept of redefining sports entertainment experiences with ground-breaking ideas, innovation in gaming and user experiences, and powerful simulation technology. We want consumers to not only play familiar games, but also look out for unfamiliar games as well. SMAAASH 2.0 has kickstarted with never-seen gaming experiences like Bowling, Cricket, and Virtual Reality Games now pushing into phygital space with shooting arena having real guns and virtual bullets. The center seamlessly ties its signature attractions and newly launched games along with experiencing a great outing with family and friends. The setup has worked on every minute detail to make visitors comfortable, like the use of RGB and UV lighting in the playing segments, highly trained staff to guide you on choosing games and starters to order while playing. Smaaash has a classy and cozy environment which makes a lifestyle statement itself and is like a gateway to good times”.  

The entertainment and games at SMAAASH Dwarka range from highly advanced Virtual Games like White Water Coaster, a water rafting experience in rapid water, Twilight Bowling, Cricket Lanes, to Extreme Sports like Sumo Soccer, a multiplayer soccer with active players; Gallopin Basket, a multiple moving basketball game; Cycle Cycho, a competitive cycle racing game; and Shooting Range, a real gun shooting range. 

Further talking about the launch of the first center in Delhi, Shirish adds, “SMAAASH Dwarka is a part of our expansion strategy. We are rebuilding SMAAASH in a calibrated manner. Identification of best properties across Indian, choice of high-end resources, concept of venturing into metros and mini metros, closing of geographical boundaries with multiple centres in a city, focusing on adult-centric format are some of our top priorities in the coming days. We aim to add 45 centres in the coming 6 months from now and working progressively towards it. Our team is targeting cities like Barnala, Amritsar, Pathankot, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bangalore and Vasai-Thane.” 

SMAAASH has a sense of style, detail, and comfort; array of surprising games, good food, peppy & foot-tapping music under its umbrella – all blended into a premium looking ambience. 

Come, step into this one-stop destination for all your fun, gaming, bonding and entertainment needs.