Manado - An unique destination to explore 'UNDERWATER WORLD'

Manado - An unique destination to explore 'UNDERWATER WORLD'

Indonesia, natural paradise on earth  has more than 17,000 islands but rarely 6,000 are inhabited, some of them are world’s richest in bio-diversity. One of them is MANADO, the capital city of North Sulawesi Provincial. The city has stunning undersea view as well as great mountainous panorama.   Ecotourism is the biggest attraction here and Manado’s modern and airy Sam Ratulangi International Airport welcomes tourists all year round.

For Scuba diving and snorkeling - Bunaken National Sea Park is the place which is 8 km from the mainland is an experience of a lifetime for the professional as well as first time diver. These waters boast of marine life more varied than that of the Great Barrier Reef and hold 70% of the world’s known species of fish. For trekking activities - Some active volcanoes, Mount Lokon, Mount Klabat, and Mount Mahawu offers lush green terrain, ideal for trekking, eco tours and bird watching. For river rafting - Sawangan, Airmadidi and Timbukar rivers is the best place.

Manado, the venue for ATF 2012 TRAVEX will be held from 8 to 15 January 2012 at the brand new Golden Kawanua Exhibition Hall. The city will welcome close to 1,000 exhibitors occupying more than 450 booths, representing a diverse range of ASEAN destination, travel products and services suppliers.

Host country Indonesia will showcase the largest delegation of suppliers representing over 100 companies and properties some to name are Adodya Resort Bali, Aston International, Cocotinos Sekotong Lombok, Flores Destination Management Organisation, Hotel Aryaduta Group, Kima Bajo Resort & Spa, Manado, Komaneka, Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa, Ramada Resort Benoa Bali and Segara Village Hotel.

Buyer registrations and interest to attend the event have hit the 900 mark from them only 400 will be hosted. In addition, 50 non-hosted buyers are expected to participate. Over 100 international and local media will be present to deliver live coverage and destination stories.

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Must see

Bunaken Sea Park covers 75,265 hectares wide-land with 5 island Manado Tua, Bunaken, Siladen, Mantehage and Naen islands. The park has 20 diving spots, 12 of them are in Bunaken Island itself giving opportunity to explore the undersea world of corals and reefs.

Bunaken Island is around 45 minutes away by boat from Manado. Liang Beach and Pangalisang Beach are the main cost line, number of resorts having their own beach and diving area are on these beaches .

Tangkoko National Park (2 hours from Manado). The park is spread over 3,196 hectares natural conversation and it is the home to the world’s smallest monkey, the Tarsiers. Located on the slopes of mount Dua Saudara, the area is composed of impressive green hills and valleys with amazingly scenic views of natural beauty. The conserved species here are 26 mammals, 180 birds, 15 reptiles to name some are black apes, maleo birds, snakes, wild pigs, hornbills,  rusa deer and many more...

Tomohon (Minahasa Highlands), locally  known as the ‘city of flowers’ sits in a saddle between two volcanoes Mt. Lokon and Mt. Mahawu. There are several volcanoes around the nearby town that are excellent for trekking. They offer great views of volcano craters as well as the surrounding coastal areas and the sea. The highest mountain in the area is called Klabat. Linow Lake is a crater lake formed by the active volcanoes and water changes its colors from time to time. The market place in Tomohon is an ideal for buying handicrafts and souvenirs.

Woloan Village is famous for the making of Minahasa traditional wooden houses. The beauty is not only its architectural look, but it is also earthquake-resistant. These houses are portable, we can take apart and then again assemble it as per our need.

Lembeh Strait is a pristine section of water is home to many unique sea animals which include the pygmy seahorse, mimic octopus, ghost pipefish and many more this place is excellent for swimming and snorkeling.

Karumenga located in a village Langoan, 50 km from Manado is the hot volcanic spring and attracts tourists for relaxation and skin treatment.

Sawangan, Airmadidi (24 km from Manado) Waruga, ancient stone graves of the Minahasan people. Reciting the believe that humans must pass on to eternity in the same position as the babies were born in the mother's womb, and these graves are in this position. Although Airmadidi is the quiet place and an ideal location for white water rafting. The experience can be adventurous if you make the start from Sawangan River.

Kali Waterfall in Kali Village, Pineleng, about 10 km from Manado. It is natural 60m waterfall, an ideal place to enjoy nature and fresh water pools at the base of the falls.

Temboan and Rurukan are model tourism villages. They are 30 km from Manado, and can be reached by bus. The abundance of flowers, cash crops, cool fresh air and the beautiful view to Lake Tondano and Bitung Habour make both of these villages an interesting stop.